Booting Up

After you connect the USB cable to the battery, your Rover is booting up!

  1. When you first connect the USB cable, the LED lights will turn on. They will be random colors: sometimes white, sometimes blue or red. Sometimes they will be the same color, other times not.

  2. After about 4 minutes, the lights will click off for a moment, then come back on shining blue. It takes 4 minutes because the Rover checks for updates; other times it will only take 1 minute.

  3. If the lights turn blue, you know that the Rover has booted up and connected to the WiFi. That’s good! If the lights do not turn blue, check out the next page for debugging ideas.

Just for fun, put your ear down by the ultrasonic sensors. Hear the clicking?

When the LEDs turn blue, things are running.