Ultrasonic Sensors

Next, we’re going to add the ultrasonic sensors. These sensors put out an echo-location clicking sound like a bat, and the Rover uses them to sense what is around it. They are still in the packaging in your box.

  1. On the Rover chassis, find the three cables labeled L, R, and LED. The L and R cables are for the left and right ultrasonic sensors. Don’t worry about the LED cable for now; we’ll use it in the next step. Find the three labeled cables.

  2. Feed the L and R cables through the triangular spaces, and plug them into the ultrasonic sensors. Connect the cables to the sensors.

  3. User your screwdriver (with the #1 Phillips bit again) to remove the screws from the standoff posts. Use the larger, white nylon screws for the ultrasonic ranger.

  4. Screw the screws through the hole in the blue ultrasonic ranger board to attach the ultrasonic rangers to the standoff posts using the nylon screws. Connect both ultrasonic ranger to the standoff posts using the nylon screws